Perak Tengah was established from the restructuring of the local government administration.  The Perak Tengah District Council was formed on 1 December 1979 i.e. upon the approval of the Government Meeting Council in its meeting No. 936 dated 20 November 1979.  Its establishment is in line with the nationwide restructuring of local enforcement officers. With the formation of the Perak Tengah District Council, positions of two local enforcement offices were removed i.e.  

  • Local Government Management of Parit and

  • Local Government Management of Rural Areas.

With the upgrade in status of the Perak Tengah District Council, the total area was extended to 9308 hectares which are :

  • Adoption area of 5978 hectares

  • Operation area of 3330 hectares

Areas under the jurisdiction of the Perak Tengah District Council :

  • Parit

  • Kampung Buluh Akar

  • Tanjung Belanja

  • Bota Kanan

  • Seri Iskandar

  • Titi Gantung

  • Kampung Gajah

Prior to 1979, the local area of Parit was located within the district of Kuala Kangsar and Kampung Gajah in the district of Hilir Perak. Perak Tengah borders with the district of Kuala Kangsar in the south, the district of xxx in the east and the district of Manjung in the west. The Perak Tengah district encompasses an area of 12,205 hectares (1282.05 sq km) comprising 11 localities. This district is located in the centre of the state of Perak, in an elongated shape from north to south, with the Sungai Perak splitting it in half on the left and right.