This logo is applicable commencing from 31 July 1981 for all letterheads, envelopes, official seal and as the identity of the Council in all official events.


Logo Description.

  • The colours yellow, black and white represents the state colours of Perak Darul Ridzuan.

  • The five (5) arrows denotes the five (5) department objectives (National Unity, Democracy, Freedom, Government Efficiency and Economic & Social Development).

  • The figurines of persons standing hand-in-hand under the arrows symbolise the ready-to-serve multi-racial council members and staff working together towards achieving the department objectives.

  • The rice maize decoration on the right and left side of the logo depicts the rapid development in the district of Perak Tengah. Rice is also the main crop in this district.

  • The three (3) ribbons below the logo is printed with "BERKHIDMAT UNTUK RAKYAT" (“SERVE THE PEOPLE”) illustrates the three (3) majority ethnic groups (Malay, Chinese and Indian) in the district of Perak Tengah who are the beneficiaries of services provided by the council.


  • Encik Mokhsen bin Mat Piah,

     21, Rumah Murah Jalan Jelapang, Ipoh.


  • (5) dlm. MDPT. C11/13 dated  31 Julai 1981