• Using concept of 'One Stop Centre' in which important matters affecting the public can be resolved at this counter.
  • Commenced operations from 1 April 2010.
  • Is the first local authorities in Perak to introduce this service.
  • Services provided include :-
    1. Distribute and receive the Application Form Job Vacancies
    2. Application for Transfer
    3. Application for Change Address
    4. Preview and Print Billing Assessment
    5. Preview and Print Billing Rentals
    6. Permission for dredging Road
    7. Temporary Permit Application
    8. Receive License Application Town Day / Composite & Hawkers
    9. Preview and Print Billing License
    10. Application for Putting Up Banner & Bunting
    11. License Renewal Process
    12. Rental House, Field, Chair, Desk, and Camp
    13. Submit Complaint, example :-
      • Municipal services in respect of waste, drains, shrubs
      • Complaint About Damage and Destruction
      • Parking of vehicles that block traffic
      • Nuisance insects that carry disease
      • Related nuisance odor problems, noise and harmful things.
      • Eg stray animals and cattle dog
      • Dirty food premises
      • Renovation of the premises / house without MDPT approval.
      • Construction Application hump
      • Application of public facilities such as street lighting, exercise place and so forth.